Kafe Knesset: Final elections results issued | Will Kahanist still make it into the Knesset? | How Bibi may try to avoid prosecution

Kafe Knesset: Lieberman issues his demands | Future coalition ‘land mines’ | Gantz leaks began at start of campaign

Kafe Knesset: Government formation begins | The mystery of Avigdor Lieberman | Outcome looks grim for Bennett + Shaked

Kafe Knesset: Bennett + Shaked — in or out? | Gantz pollster defends campaign strategy | Likud PR firm responsible for election day dirty tricks

Kafe Knesset: Bibi, King of Israel | A tale of two camps — Inside the election night parties | Data points explaining how Bibi did it

Kafe Knesset: Election Day is here | The historic stakes | Today’s schedule and what could play out over the next few days

Kafe Knesset: Gantz calls in more firepower at final campaign rally | Gevalt vs ‘fake Gevalt’ | Bibi doubles down on West Bank annexation

Kafe Knesset: Final polls - caveat emptor | Gevalt + the counter-gevalt | Gantz vs Labor | Bibi touts annexation

Kafe Knesset: Bibi + Gantz Launch Media Blitz | IDF Missing Finally Returned Home | Feiglin Rallies Followers in Tel Aviv

Kafe Knesset: Gantz comes into his own | Gantz again vows not to sit with Bibi | Bibi attacks President Rivlin

Kafe Knesset: On the campaign trail with Nir Barkat | Great ‘bot scandal’ of 2019 | Bibi to meet Putin on Thursday in Moscow

Kafe Knesset: Feiglin rising high in polls | Another damaging Gantz leak | Likud using social media bots to smear rivals

Kafe Knesset: Election nine days away | Rivlin + undecideds + threshold could be key | Gaza clashes subdued after Egypt deal | Blue and White fail to reach surplus deal

Kafe Knesset: Bennett fires in all directions | Likud demands investigation into Gantz | Blue+White hint at Likud dirty tricks | Gaza border violence set for Saturday

Kafe Knesset: Sporadic Gaza fire + no ceasefire | Bibi uses Trump video in campaign | Is there a mole in Blue+White?

Kafe Knesset: Escalation in Gaza | Gantz weighs in unconvincingly | Bennett slams Bibi | Gaza overshadows DC

Kafe Knesset: Rocket attack on central Israel | Context for the escalation | Severe political pressure on Bibi to respond | Will Trump let Pollard visit Israel?

Kafe Knesset: Election comes to Washington | Previewing Gantz’s AIPAC speech | Bibi threatens to sue Blue+White

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